City of Stockton Declares Coronavirus Public Health Emergency Adopts State Mass Gathering Policy for City and Employees

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City of Stockton Declares Coronavirus Public Health Emergency

Adopts State Mass Gathering Policy for City and Employees


STOCKTON, Calif. – Out of an abundance of caution, the City of Stockton issued a proclamation today, March 12, 2020, establishing a local emergency caused by the

serious health threat presented by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The proclamation allows the City to take actions and access resources appropriate to address this public health emergency within the city of Stockton.


City officials have also adopted the policy recommended by Governor Gavin Newsom and public health officials at the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) related to mass gatherings. A gathering is any event that brings people together in a single room or outdoor space. The State recommended policy includes:

  • Postponing or cancelling large gatherings that include 250 people or more;
  • Social distancing of six feet per person for smaller gatherings; and
  • Limiting gatherings of individuals at higher risk for severe illness from coronavirus to no more than 10 people.

This policy is recommended by state public health officials to reduce the spread of contagious diseases and keep all members of the community safer from illness.


“Our concern is for the health and safety of the community, our employees and their families,” shared City Manager Harry Black. “These are steps the City is taking to implement measures that allow us to maximize our effectiveness in the coming days and weeks. The City is not mandating this recommended policy for the entire community. Like many other cities and states, we want to make sure that we are doing everything that we can to limit the spread of coronavirus and keep people safe. Essential services, such as police, fire, water, etc., will continue at full-service levels; however, we ask for your patience, as the need for these services may increase during these extraordinary times.”


Throughout the coming days, the City will be evaluating how this will impact City-

provided services and community members and providing direction to each department. Non-essential services, activities and events, may be postponed or provided on a limited basis. For example, libraries and community centers may cancel some programming, reducing the number of participants, or changing services to limit the number of people and contact between people. Changes to service delivery or hours will be prominently posted both at City offices and locations and on the City’s website.


The proclamation and the policy will be evaluated on a rolling 30-day basis to determine when it is appropriate to return to normal operations and functions.

A full copy of the recommendations can be found on the CDPH website and are 

linked on the City’s website at


The California Department of Public Health website includes links to important resources, include Guidance Documents for schools, homeless assistance providers.


“We urge everyone to remain well-informed about coronavirus, how it is spread, and what you can do,” continued City Manager Black. “We have links on our website to public health agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state and local public health agencies. We all look forward to returning to our regular activities as soon as possible. In the meantime, making these changes is something that we can all do together, and it will make a difference in our community.”


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